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Limited Companies

A Limited Company is the most popular form of business entity for more established businesses. Limited Companies offer several distinct benefits over other types of businesses but can be more onerous to manage. The key benefits of a Limited Company are the limited liability of its shareholders, and the ability to manage them in a highly tax efficient manner.

However, Limited Companies have significantly increased reporting requirements and demand a greater level of account keeping than other business types.

We have significant experience in working with, for and in partnership with Limited Companies, both in terms of providing accountancy services, but also advising business owners on tax issues and in helping them to maximise their returns.

Our Limited Company package has been designed to provide all the most common accountancy and tax services required by a Limited Company in one competitively priced package.

  • Bookkeeping service if required
  • Preparation of statutory accounts from your books and records
  • Filing of your annual statutory accounts and Annual Return with Companies House
  • Preparation of your annual corporation tax return and its submission to HMRC
  • Correspondence with HMRC as your agent
  • Advice on how much tax you have to pay and when

Prices starting from as little as £600 plus VAT – please contact us for a free, no obligation quote